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All artists need a source or many sources of inspiration to create... a well that doesn't go dry and will continually renew the creative vision. Seeing images of this world and then seeking them out is how I find mine.

Image by: Costanza Gianquinto

I, like many people, have seen a lot of images during my lifetime and so it gets harder and harder to find those images that make me stop and say "wow... now that's something I haven't seen before..." And without that sense of wonder... the magic fades away.

In looking though the current photography competition on VOUGE.it I was repeatedly struck by this feeling of awe from the images I came across. So here, I wanted to share some of the images that made me believe that there are still infinite possibilities out there... you just need to be brave enough to venture out and look for them.


Image by: Carolina Munzi

Image by: Selin Alemdar

Image by: Ugo Carmeni

Image by: Attilio Marasco

Image by: Laura Stramacchia 

Image by: Andrea Lorenzetti

Image by: Matteo Felici

Image by: Max Riche

Image by: Ciro Cangialosi
Image by: Meng Yao

Image by: Luca Buffetti

Image by: Monica Fior

Image by: Meyrem Bulucek

Image by: Harry l.Image by: Cristina Robles

Image by: Naomi Morello

Image by: Giovan-Battista

Reader Comments (4)

Thank you Patrick for your beautiful comment about photography and sharing the images:)

Selin Alemdar

July 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSelin

Hello Selin, my pleasure and thank you for the amazing photography work to share!

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January 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterreplica

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